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Marlins exec claims Albert Pujols is lying about his true age

David Samson brought to light some details stating that Albert Pujols does not have the age What does it say to have in the MLB.

Samson negotiated with Albert Pujols a multi-season contract when he was a free agent in 2012 in order to be part of the Miami Marlins, however, they did not reach any agreement for some incognito details kept.

Samson said he had never disclosed information about what Albert Pujols He was older than he claimed to be and the one stated on his birth certificate. In addition, he said that all the executives of the MLB They know that the Dominican is older.

Here your words;

“We knew when we did the math for that deal that we didn’t care about 2019, 20 or 21. It was so far into the future that it didn’t matter,” Sansom said, recalling his negotiations with Pujols. “We knew it would be unproductive, we knew it didn’t have the age you said you had. We had all the information ”.

“Did you just flatly report that Pujols is older than he’s always said he is?” the journalist asked the executive. He replied:

“There is not a person in baseball, not a single executive, who believes that Albert Pujols has the age it claims to have, ”Samson replied. “The amount of fraud that was happening in the Dominican Republic on the day, the change of names, the change of birthdays would blow your mind.”

In passing, he spoke about the age changes that were being made in the Dominican Republic in order to sign with better bonuses with the teams of the MLBHowever, Pujols was only born in the Dominican Republic and completed his studies and signed in the United States.

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