Bugle Miami

Car burglars target at least 20 homes in gated Miami Lakes neighborhood

MIAMI LAKES, FLA. – Burglars broke into multiple vehicles parked outside at least 20 homes in a gated community in Miami Lakes, taking off with thousands of dollars in valuables and depriving residents from their sense of security.

Tony Lopez said he’s one of dozens hit by a group of crooks along Northwest 87th Court during the overnight hours and into Sunday morning.

Surveillance video captured the perpetrators as they went from house to house and broke into multiple cars.

“When I came outside, my truck’s door was open. Everything was taken out of my vehicle,” he said.

Lopez said what was taken from inside his 2022 GMC Denali was worth at least $4,000.

“They stole my two cellphones, my firearm, paperwork, stuff for my business,” he said.

The security footage showed the burglars on foot as they opened car doors and rummaged through people’s personal belongings.

Residents said the bandits broke in through the side gate.

“In the neighborhood that I’m in, I didn’t expect it. We have security here,” said Lopez. “I would think I would be somewhere safe, but you’re not safe.”

Piero Rodriguez, Lopez’s next-door neighbor, said he woke up to find the front door of his white Cadillac sedan wide open.

“I came outside and closed it, and I thought there was going to be some crazy explanation. Like, I don’t know, like it just opened by itself or I left it open myself,” he said.

After checking his security cameras, he never expected to see the thieves.

“When I looked at the camera, I was shocked to see, like, people committing a crime right outside my house,” he said.

Rodriguez said he’s thankful he thought to remove his expensive work laptop from his vehicle.

“I took it out Saturday morning, and some stuff I had, and I guess I got lucky, ’cause Sunday morning, they went in,” he said. “You could tell they rummaged through my stuff. They emptied the contents of my bag out, but I guess [there was] nothing that they cared about taking.”

Surveillance video showed the thieves hopping inside a white getaway car after they were seen breaking into the vehicles.

Now Lopez, Rodriguez and other neighbors are hoping police are able to stop the crooks in their tracks, and they can once again live in peace.​

“I’m super upset. I mean, I’m furious. I want my belongings back,” said Lopez.

7News has learned a car was also stolen.

If you have any information on these car burglaries of the subjects’ whereabouts, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward of up to $5,000.