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Coast Guard: Vessel carrying dozens of migrants intercepted off Key Largo

MIAMIThe US Coast Guard intercepted a large vessel carrying dozens of migrants Saturday off Key Largo. 

Reports from the scene said some of the migrants had jumped off the boat and were seen swimming toward shore. 

Authorities did not say where the migrants were from. 

On Friday, two people died and five were missing after a boat believed to be carrying migrants capsized 14 miles south of Sugarloaf Key.    

“Our search continues for others that may have survived this tragic incident,” said Rear Adm. Brendan McPherson, commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District. “This situation highlights the risks these migrants face as they attempt to enter the United States illegally by sea.”  

Since Oct. 1, 2021, Coast Guard crews interdicted 3,739 Cubans compared to: 

  • 5,396 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2016
  • 1,468 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2017
  • 259 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2018
  • 313 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2019
  • 49 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2020
  • 838 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2021

Earlier in the day, officials said they had repatriated 56 Cubans to the island nation.