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Good Samaritans help save dog from car grill

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. – A dog is OK after he was hit by a car and somehow wound up wedged inside the vehicle’s grill.

“A young lady pulled up, and she had a dog stuck inside the grill,” said Reggie.

That’s when a group of gas station good Samaritans, Tuesday, got to work.

At the Northwest Seventh Avenue Sonoco in Northwest Miami-Dade, a still picture shows white fur poking from that car’s grill.

The rescuers could see and hear the problem, but it wasn’t an easy fix.

“He tried to bite me, and then he crawled up inside the car. We tried to pull it out. I asked the guy, and he went to grab the blanket just so the dog wouldn’t bite us,” said Reggie.

“The logical thing was to use a blanket to cover myself, cover everybody else. The problem was he was stuck in there. I wanted to get him out. I had to do it forcefully, but I didn’t hurt him,” said one of the rescuers.

It was a collective effort. They performed under pressure, pulling out a pooch, very much intact, appearing to be healthy but clearly shaken.

“He’s scared, he’s scared, but he knows that he’s out of the woods,” said one of the rescuers.

“Those gloves that I had on to make sure the dog don’t bite me,” said Reggie.

Reggie told us he was the first to see the woman pull in, and he and others discovered the dog stuck.

“I was praying to God that it wasn’t dead, but you know, God is good,” said Reggie.

The pooch is now wrapped in blanket, and will be reunited with its owner.

The man with the blanket who helped make the rescue didn’t want to give his name or show his face but told us this was his holiday deed.

Reggie had a message of his own, that plenty will relate to especially this time of year:

“I love people, and I love animals. If a person don’t love animals or other people, how could you love yourself?” said Reggie.

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