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Grubhub: The most popular orders in Miami and LA

Grubhub has broken down the foods ordered by fans in Miami and Los Angeles


The NBA Finals have been in full swing with the cities of Miami and Los Angeles sitting at the edges of their seat. Whether you are rooting for LeBron James and Anthony Davis or Jimmy Butler, watching high-pressure games definitely makes you want to have something to eat. Thanks to Grubhub, we know what fans in those cities have been ordering during the games won by each team during the NBA Playoffs and the Finals.

The Miami Heat are the Cinderella story of the NBA Finals. As a five seed, they are the unlikely representative of the eastern conference in an unlikely year. The Heat is a tough team working with the sum of their parts working as one.

Thanks to the Grubhub October food trends report, here are the most popular foods


Much like the Heat themselves, people in Miami have preferred a meal that gets all wrapped together and is often better together than it would be on its own. Miami fans have found chicken burritos as their luckiest food on the game night wins.

This has been an overwhelmingly popular dish for the wins as it was ordered 126% more than any other night. Who can blame them? It’s hard to be a good chicken burrito much like it has been hard to beat the Heat during the playoffs.

In Los Angeles, the most popular food item ordered from Grubhub when the Lakers win has been the Reuben sandwich. One of my favorites, it is hard to look at a Reuben sandwich without making your mouth water. The Reuben can be looked at as the Cadillac of sandwiches much like LeBron James is the Cadillac of NBA players.

Timeless and majestic and never truly duplicated. Along with the Reuben, people in LA have also enjoyed barbeque pork banh mi sandwiches the most on nights the Lakers have won. The banh mi has become the latest craze in the sandwich world and is the young all-star just like Anthony Davis is for the Lakers.

Grubhub orders in Miami during the Heat wins have been thrilling taste buds

Not everyone ate chicken burritos in Miami on nights the Heat won. Two other popular items are the always popular cheese quesadilla and also steak and black bean chalupas. Quesadillas are a simple item that always tastes great.


As you can see, tortillas are a popular item during the nights when the Heat have been successful. Not everything ordered had a Latin or southwestern flair to it. Rounding out the top items were chicken teriyaki stir fry which is always fun and one of the greatest sandwich gifts to mankind, the Philly cheesesteak. What better way to celebrate a good win?

For LA food orderers, spicy tonkatsu ramen, beef barbacoa tacos, and chicken pho rounded out their foods of choice. All of these include luscious slow-cooked meats ready to melt in your mouth. Whether you would rather slurp or have it handheld, the people in Los Angeles are definitely treating themselves on nights the Lakers have won.

You might see a lot more of these items in the next few nights as the Lakers are close to taking home the franchise’s 17th championship.