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Threat to national security? Hunter Biden Sex Videos Leaked

The Chinese billionaire behind the website where explicit photos and videos of Hunter Biden were leaked Saturday night warned that “there will be more than 10,000 images” and “more and more videos.”

Lude Wang Ding Gang, founder of Lude Media and part of the Whistleblower Movement that aims to expose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), had his Twitter account shut down shortly after they began posting videos about who Hunter Biden is, reported thegatewaypundit

Undeterred, Lude began posting about the leaks on Parler, an alternative to Twitter, where he has not been censored. There, he quickly gained thousands of followers.

“There will be more than 10,000 images to come,” Lude wrote on the social network. “There will be more and more videos to come!

The explicit leaks are full of videos of Hunter Biden using drugs and what appears to be having sex with prostitutes.

Those who have seen the videos and photographic material have begun to question whether the presidency of the most powerful country in the world should be placed in the hands of Biden.

Since they believe he could be a threat to national security, due to the large amount of material that exists to blackmail him with his son Hunter.

China’s GTV uploaded a video of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, smoking crack cocaine while having sex with an unknown person.

It should be noted that GTV is a Chinese channel in Mandarin.

If you want to see the video: Hunter Biden’s sexual video


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