The surveillance video shows a man using a sledgehammer to break down the door, walked inside, and another man who was armed with a baseball bat followed. Detectives identified the gunman as Julio Perez and the victim as Robert Muina.

Miami-Dade detectives arrested Perez, 37, on Sept. 9. Muina survived the shooting near Coral Way and Southwest 82nd Avenue, and he remained hospitalized on Friday. Muina’s wife, Claudia Porro, told detectives her husband and their neighbor had an ongoing conflict.

Detectives arrested Julio Perez on Sept. 9 in Miami-Dade County.
Detectives arrested Julio Perez on Sept. 9 in Miami-Dade County. (MDPD)

According to the arrest form, Porro ran to get her three children and the four of them rushed to hide together in a closet. Muina told detectives he fought back and attempted to take the gun away from Perez who asked his accomplice to hit Muina with the bat.

Muina ran into the room where his wife was hiding with the kids and used his legs and feet to hold the door and prevent Perez and the other man from getting inside. Porro took Muina to Baptist Hospital and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue airlifted him to the Kendall Regional Medical Center’s trauma center.

The owner of the home Muina and Porro were leasing said his property was destroyed, the couple was in the process of getting evicted before the shooting.

Records show Perez was at the Miami-Dade County Pre-Trial Detention Center on Friday night. He is being held without bond and he is facing charges of first-degree murder and five counts of armed burglary. His arraignment hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m., on Sept. 29.