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Surveillance video shows man attacked by biker in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. – Surveillance video, obtained exclusively by 7News, shows an aggravated battery by a cyclist on a Miami Beach restaurant manager that left him with a broken nose.

It happened in 2021 at Sixth and Ocean Drive.

“You’ve got to take care of this, please,” said the victim to police on camera.

Video shows the moment the manager tried walking employees to their car when someone pops a wheelie in his direction, causing him to step aside and words were exchanged. The cyclist drops his bike, before the men square up. Another biker then arrives, distracting the man’s attention. The biker then struck the man with his right hand while looking away and the victim goes down.


“I was covered in a puddle of blood,” said the victim.

“His nose and face completely ripped open, and I was just absolutely horrified,” said the victim’s wife.

In the middle of a crowded Ocean Drive, around 8 p.m., he’s dripping blood, hurt and hunched over. The cyclists stay at the ready, continuing to offer choice words, as several others peddle up and surround the man.

“They’re doing [expletive] wheelies,” said the victim to police on camera.

Moments later, he tells officers that groups of riders on the beach have been at this for a while.

According to police, the rider responsible that night is Ronald Moss. He was arrested earlier this year for the beach battery. He now faces more serious charges for an unrelated crime in Northwest Miami-Dade. Still, the bike bandit concern in Miami Beach remains a big one.

“This is like an epidemic,” said the victim’s wife. “Every single person in the City of Miami Beach needs to be aware of what’s going on and needs to be vigilant and needs to learn how to protect themselves from being assaulted.”

Written threats to kill or do bodily injury is the charges that have Moss currently locked up with a pending case. The next court appearance is scheduled for Friday.

7News was told by inside sources that Moss could face more serious violent crime type charges down the pike.